Intro & Founders

United Grease & Lubricants is a grease and & Lubricants manufacturing company based in the UAE. We are an approved ISO 9001:2015 facility and also carry the Emirates Quality Mark which complies with the GCC 1785:2007 lubricants standards.We offer 3rd party blending as well as produce our own brands such as SCOPE, DYNAM, EUROIL and TEXAS. Since its conception in 1998, the company has been on an escalator of success with many wise minds and experts behind it.


Our competitive edge lies in our ability to serve our customers better. We leave no stone unturned to meet the quality and service standards our customers have grown to expect from us over the years and beyond. This can only be achieved with teamwork and undeterred dedication and determination to satisfy our customer needs.

Managing Director(Message)

I came to the UAE in the late 70s and started the business from scratch in partnership with our visionary chairman. I took us a few years to setup the business. It was initially a challenge, but business began to grow gradually. We started small, but kept on growing as opportunities started pouring in. Now we have over 25 internationally recognized brands with us. I have had great support from the team and our chairman who has been with us every step of the way.