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UGL History

January 12

1995 Company Started

In 1995, the company started with re-fabrication and sale of used drums only.
January 12

1998 Form United Grease & Lubricants

The vision then was aspired in 1998 to form United Grease and Lubricants, where we have sourced second-hand machinery to operate manufacturing of calcium grease only.
January 12

2000 Introduced Gasoline Engine

In the year 2000, UGL has introduced Gasoline engine lubricants using manual filling lines and with 4 storage tanks only which was doing 3rd party blending only. In 2 years’, time, exports have started to flourish so we have introduced our own branded products called “Scope”.
January 12

2003 Company Acquired More land

In 2003, the company has acquired more land and we started phase 1 expansion for the plant and warehouse with an additional land area of 3,715 sqm. The expansion consisted of adding 5 more storage tanks and 4 automatic filling lines to reach a total blending capacity of 45,000 MT
January 12

2004 & 2007 Introducing New Product

Immediately after the plant expansion, between 2004 and 2007, UGL started introducing new product lines such as Industrial lubricants (Hydraulic oil, Turbine oil, General Purpose oil, circulating oil, ATF, Gear Oil, Cutting oil and brake fluid) and Marine lubricants.
January 12

2007 New Product lines

In 2007, as new product lines were introduced and exports have flourished even further to more than 20 countries globally, a 2nd expansion for the plant and warehouse was required. So further land was acquired with an additional area size of 5,575 sqm which included a new head office, 2 new warehouses for storing packing material and raw material, 6 more storage tanks, 4 new automatic filling lines and a specialized room for manufacturing brake fluid. This has increased the pants total blending capacity to 110,000 MT.
January 12

2008 Supplying Packing Material

Soon after the expansion, in 2008, the company saw the need of supplying there own packing material to cater for the increased demand of the products and to give timely delivery so it began its own plastic factory under then name of United Plastic Industries (UPI) which acts as a supporting unit to UGL.
January 12

2010 & 2013 Synthetic Products

Additional product lines were also introduced in 2010 for synthetic products and in 2013 Lithium and complex greases were introduced.
January 12

2017 New Head Office

In 2017, a new head office was built for management, sales and procurement to cater for the increase in manpower as well as 8 more storage tanks were acquired. Today, UGL has a total area size of 11,150 sqm, 28 storage tanks (in-plant) and 11 storage tanks in Hamriya Free Zone with a total blending capacity of 140,000 MT (Automotive and Marine)