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Severe Duty Cylinder Oil (70 & 90 TBN)
Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil (20 TBN)
Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil (50 TBN)

Find Best Quality & High Speed Marine Engine Oils in UAE

Marine Lubrication

UGL is producing the best quality marine engine oil in U.A.E. Thanks to our premium mixing/bending machines and the high-quality base stock we produce the most high-speed marine engine oil in U.A.E. Marine lubricants UAE include the use of ancillary grades such as hydraulic oils, compressor oils, gear oils, grease, etc. Their application is covered in chapters 8 and 11 but a sound knowledge of these and other grades is required by anyone connected with marine lubrication. Marine lubrication includes the use of ancillary grades such as hydraulic oils, compressor oils, gear oils, grease, etc. You can contact Scope Lubricants for clean, reliable power, choose from our broad product lineup that includes marine diesel and dual-fuel propulsion engines, auxiliary engines, marine generator sets, and complete fuel gas handling systems. And our technology-enabled solutions keep your vessels running safely, efficiently, and profitably.
A variety of lubricants is available for different machines. These include engine oil, gear oil, grease, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, and turbine oil. Each type of lubricant is used in various applications and in different parts. Engine oil is used to lubricate engines, while hydraulic oil provides lubrication as well as transfers power through the hydraulic system. Equipment that is part of offshore rigs and FPSOs include cranes, hydraulic lifts, diesel engines, compressors, traveling blocks, hydraulic boost pumps, and propeller shafts.
Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) is a type of fuel oil that is a blend of gas-oil and heavy fuel oil, with less gas-oil than intermediate fuel. MDO is designed and intended for use in maritime diesel prime movers. Marine Diesel Oil is also called “”Distillate Marine Diesel””. MDO is widely used by medium speed and medium/high-speed marine diesel engines.
It is also used in the larger low speed and medium speed propulsion engines which normally burn residual fuel. Petroleum residuals, or inorganic salts, in such fuels normally result in fuel injector tip deposits that prevent the injector from creating the desired fuel spray pattern.


6 TBN & 9 TBN

Marine System oil is a premium quality lubricant for cross head diesel engine crankcase system. It is especially effective in highly rated crosshead engines with oil-cooled pistons, power take-off (PTO) gear applications.


12 TBN & 15 TBN

Marine Engine oil 12 & 15 TBN is a blend of superior quality high viscosity index paraffinic base stock with a balanced additive package. They have TBN value of 12 & 15 and are recommended for crankcase and cylinder lubrication of trunk piston type naturally aspirated or turbocharged medium speed marine and stationary diesel engines. Burning heavy fuel up to 1.0% with sulfur content under severe operating conditions.

Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil

320, 420, 520 (20 TBN)

Severe Duty Marin Engine Oil is specially formulated for naturally aspirated or turbo charged heavy duty diesel engines. It can be used in marine engines having separate cylinder lubrication system burning high sulfur fuel.

Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil

24, 30, 40, 50 TBN

Severe Duty Marine Engine Oils are superior quality detergent lubricants blended specifically for use in the truck piston engines in a variety of services. They are available in various TBN Numbers to match the different types of fuels and sulfur content. They are available in Total Base Numbers of 24, 30, 40, and 50 in SAE 30, 40 & 50 viscosity grades.

SCOPE Centex Severe Duty Cylinder oil is a premium grade cylinder lubricant for use in all types of low-speed crosshead diesel engines burning residual fuels with sulfur contents of up to 3.5% weight. It is ideally suited for the new generation of highly rated, fuel-efficient slow speed marine diesel engines operating with high pressure, temperatures, and longer strokes.

Main Benefits

  • Minimum deposit formation on cylinder parts.
  • Excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Low cylinder and piston ring wear.
  • Good detergent dispersant properties.
  • Excellent anti-wear, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Ensures longer engine life.
  • Excellent engine cleanliness.
  • Low cylinder and piston ring wear.
  • Good Alkalinity
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Excellent detergency keeps crankcase and under piston spaces clean.
  • Good oxidation stability.