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Intro & Founders

United Grease & Lubricants is a grease and & Lubricants manufacturing company based in the UAE. We are an approved ISO 9001:2015 facility and also carry the Emirates Quality Mark which complies with the GCC 1785:2007 lubricants standards.We offer 3rd party blending as well as produce our own brands such as SCOPE, DYNAM, EUROIL and TEXAS. Since its conception in 1998, the company has been on an escalator of success with many wise minds and experts behind it.

To become one of the leading lubricants blenders in the world

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality blending solutions and extensive services that allows them to distribute and promote their lubricant products globally with a focus on providing innovative and sustainable solutions in fuel economy and energy efficiency.

  • Growth: We strive to become a major player in the oil and lubricants industry by expanding reach to new markets and new product lines
  • Reliability: We ensure to use high quality base oil and additives that enhance the durability of our products across all environments and weather conditions
  • Responsiveness: We are consistently developing new product formulations to ensure we respond to the emerging market needs
  • Efficiency: We commit to provide solutions that focus on protecting our environment and energy resources.
  • Team Work: We have a loyal and motivated workforce that is key to our success. Our dedicated teams will take the extra mile to ensure efficient and effective solutions are provided to our customers.